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Originally Posted by 3ITs View Post
E65/e66 L7 amps aren't a matter of if they will fail, but when. If you have thoughts or a solution to bypass the sardine can digital junk, bring it on!

Alternatively, I have 2 cores on the shelf and would be glad to send them for testing in search of a solution.

The biggest problem experienced with failed L7 cans on e65/e66 is noise out of the subs and the driven speakers, generally no music. I presume the signal is digital to the amp so direct input into an aftermarket amp is not an option. Maybe using a DSP amp from e39/e38 to get the signal into analog would be the ticket. Those are cheap and plentiful.
The E65/66 uses MOST protocol as inputs to its OEM amp, the E38/E39 was analog into its OEM amp, the DSP was inside the OEM amp so they are not compatible.

I think that the E65/66 iDrive can output a combination of high level and low level balanced analog (like the M-ASK in the E60) after recoding, as I can see the option for a HiFi amp in the E65/66 in its parts database. The Top HiFi amp can be completely bypassed then and aftermarket amps/processors can be used instead.

Creating a PnP harness after recoding is not that difficult, however a converter will have to be used to convert those unusual high and low level analog signals into all low level non-balanced and a processor with summing and De-EQ functions could be needed as well. A JBL MS-8 processor can do that in one single device, and give you a much better Logic7 processing than OEM as well, while keeping the OEM speakers if desired. If the rear of the E65/66 iDrive unit has a Quadralock connector then a harness is simple; a photo of the back of that iDrive would be very helpful.

The recoding can be done at an Autologic shop.
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