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We got our X5d at the end of May and had what we thought were serious issues with getting the trailer hitch. I posted before on this so will not go in to details other than to say that in the end we did get a hitch put on and it works even though they could not put on a trim piece as it was not available at the time. We were recently told that we can schedule an appointment any time as our trim piece is ready. No hurry there as it does not look bad without the trim piece but it will be nice to finally get that fixed up. I will be contacting our dealership and giving them much Kudos on how they handled our situation because we originally thought we had it bad in trying to get this resolved but see that most have had it much worse.

It is definitely BMW that is the problem here and it is obvious that towing is so far down on their priorities that they have not put much effort into thinking it through. We love the X5d and think this is a shame because it pulls excellent. We do not have a brake controller because we decided that it was going to be a nightmare putting one in after reading up on this here and other places. Guess we were right. It really is a bummer on that front though because without a controller one really can't take full advantage of the vehicles great pulling torque on a heavier load. We cancelled our order for a large covered trailer since it alone weighed over 3,000lbs and have learned to deal with using our open smaller trailers. We have kept our loads on those trailers under 3500 lbs and we can never tell that we are pulling a thing including braking. Would a brake controller be safer- well of course but if you are pulling up to 4000 lbs or so I don't think it is a problem without one other than the extra wear and tear on the brakes. Good luck to everyone on this issue. We have decided that we will live with the compromise of how we have ours set up and hope that BMW gets it ALL right by the time we look to replace this vehicle in 3-5 years.
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