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Car still not fixed.

Hi All,

I haven't posted anything here since quite some time. Since my last post the car was in for service another 3 - 4 times and it is actually in for service for the same fault as I write this post - (Mostly while reverse parking and while steering is at a bump stop, with the brake pressed, the "car wants to go").

I wrote an email to BMW in Germany but they referred me back to BMW Middle East who in turn referred me back to my dealer in Dubai.

Anyways, after my email I was told that a new software was installed, one that was suppose to fix exactly this type of issues. The moment I took the car from them it was clear that it did not improve anything.

After every fix I have still experienced light versions of the same issue which is described in my initial posts.

While reading about X3 issues however, I realized that the rough shifting complaint that I have had from the very beginning is actually happening to a lot of X3 owners.

What happens basically is that while driving, I am experiencing hesitations coming from the transmission resulting in delay in acceleration, especially in conditions like merging traffic. Also, sometimes, it seems like the transmission is thinking about which gear to shift to resulting in a very un-smooth delivery of power to the wheels. This happens a lot in curves, specially in uphill curves. Also, while shifting down while slowing down, I can sometimes feel the transmission so rough that I check mirror to make sure I was not hit by the car behind me.

Once, after taking the car back from service and driving home, I stopped at a traffic light. With the car in a perfect standstill, with the brakes lightly pressed, enough to hold the car in place while the transmission was still in "D", without any accelerator input, the car tried to move so violently that it actually jumped forward an inch or two. That only happened once but it was scary.

I actually don't know what to believe anymore about this car and I have more and more serious doubts that the dealer can fix it.

Did any of you guys experience this rough shifting / hesitation issue ? Were you able to get the car fixed from such condition? What did you do to solve the issue ?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,
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