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Originally Posted by ressan View Post
I agree you can run staggered wheels on a 535xi just not those. That same vendor sells the same set with 35 & 40 offsets. Both will fit.

I just purchased a set for my 535xi - 19x8.5 et35(245/35R19), 19x9.5 et40(275/30R19).

Ebay Auction Here

With these sizes of wheels you can use offsets from 35-40. Just keep the back offsets equal to or greater than the front.

You may wat to look at other tire sizes. Since the key to staggered wheels on an xi is to maintain an equal diamter of wheel + tire in the front and back.

My setup has a 1% difference in diameter between front and back. If you go with a 235/35R19 & 265/30R19 the difference is about 0.7%.
Thanks for the replies guys! I'm new to all this but glad to know that I can get staggered rims. I had also asked the seller on ebay the same question and he pretty much told me the same thing.

Ressan, just wondering, why did you preferred having that %1 difference? Looks and/or performance? And also, how's the ride with these bigger wheels? I'm pretty sure theres much more grip, but does the car feel any heavier/sluggish with these bigger wheels?

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