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I just received my updated Carsoft (8.4). As others have said, Carsoft can not raise the idle, advance timing, or anything even remotely like this. NO TUNING- just reading and clearing. The only thing in the way of programming it can do is auto door locks and a couple of other "features" you could specify to you dealer if you were the first owner.

Blue Bee is absolutely correct in that people who had pirated Carsoft 6.5 found that some of the features that a "legit" copy of Carsoft can do, their pirated software would act-up or only work through the 20 pin under-hood socket or whatever. They made false claims that Carsoft would not do this or that, but it was their pirated software. Carsoft 6.5 was NEVER sold to the public EVER! Anyone who is not a dealer who claims to have Carsoft 6.5 has a pirated copy. 7.3 was the very first version of Carsoft that was mass marketed to the public. The 6.5 software has been pirated so many times it is hard to believe it still does anything!

I tried all the "add a serial port" cards and such that emulate a serial port, but found less-than good results. I now use my IBM notebook with XP and a real serial port. The consumer versions of Carsoft are 7.3-8.0-8.4. Not all that much functional difference between them except that the latest versions will add newer cars that it can work with. I think 8.4 is basically good to 2006's- I can't recall for sure as I don't care, buying it only to use on my E39. The documentation is a little lacking in my opinion.

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