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Originally Posted by the J-Man View Post
I did this today in my 2011 335. I have all my music in itunes, so I just copy and pasted all of my itunes music folders onto a blank USB drive. I copied about 5 gb worth of music. I then put the USB drive in the car and did an import. It took about 15 minutes to copy it all to the hard drive, and everything is categorized and named perfectly thanks to the Itunes organization.

In the future if I want to add new music, I will just copy any new music to a BLANK USB drive and do the import. Do not keep trying to import new music on a USB drive that has your entire collection on it. The first update into idrive will take the longest. Everything after that will be importing your new music only.

I really like the music collection. Compared to using my iphone, it gives much better sound quality, and compared to using the usb stick directly in the center console, it gives you voice search.

Set your voice command to "short" rather than "default" under the language/units in idrive.

Then say "Music Search" they say "new search." Then you can say:

Artist Elvis or
Album XXXX
or Title XXXX

(I am not sure if pre 2011 models allow you to say "artist" and then the actual artist name in one step. It might be 2 steps for 2010 models and earlier).

I find that the system pulls up what I want via voice 9 out of 10 times even for really funky track or artist names. It's pretty smart for abbreviations too. I can say "Doctor Dre" for "Dr Dre." and the lady comes back and says "Doctor Dre" and the music plays, or I can say "Drive Dre" for "Dr Dre" and the lady comes back and says "Drive Dre" and the music plays. It works either way.

I think the music collection is worth figuring out to get the voice search functionality, especially if you have a lot of music.

Strange, for some reason in my 2011 X35I it takes much longer than 15 min to load 5GB.
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