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I did the job myself. I think I got the ribbon from the place you mentioned. It was the place that operates from Hungary.
I took my display apart twice, 2nd time was far quicker than the first, as I knew what I was doing.
1st time I'd just intended to put in extra padding to press the contacts down more firmly. But I accidentally pulled the ribbon off and that was the end of that. Half the gold contacts came away from the ribbon and stuck on the board! So put everything back together and ordered the ribbon and did the job again two weeks later.
It was a bitch of a job. Admittedly though I'd never done anything like it before. It's not a nice feeling when you start drilling holes into your display. (Though you can't at all see the surgery when it's all back together.) Far and a away the hardest part is perfectly aligning the ribbon back up and then somehow sticking it down and clamping it all back up together whilst maintaining that alignment.
After a few days of perfect pixels I lost some again anyway. After a few months I'm at about 70%. In my case, I believe the reason for this is that there's three plastic tabs that hold down the metal plate that holds the ribbon down. First time I did the job, I broke one of those tabs and now there's not enough anchorage to hold the plate down properly.

My parting advice would be - if you do the job be really careful. I found that over the last nine years the plastic in the vdo has become more brittle with age.

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