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Help! 2002 m5

Well it appears the honeymoon has ended with my e39 m5, ha! About 3 weeks ago my check engine light came on with no apparent issue to how the car runs, except that when I jump in it in the morning and start it there is this rattling/chattering that eventually goes away within the first mile of driving. I took the car to a decent euro shop in town that has seen it before and they pulled 13 codes including everything from the exhaust banks to cam positioning sensor to the vanos... We came to the conclusion that it probably can be narrowed down to 2 or 3 things causing the rest of the system to freak out. Of course when I took the car in for them to actually hear the noise I couldn't get it to reproduce it. The only other performance related issue I've noticed is that when I hit 6k rpms the car doesn't seem to respond like it has in the past. I'm thinking vanos judging by what I've read on some forums but wanted to get some feedback from anyone on here. If it's vanos can I just replace solenoids...? Open to any and all thoughts! Car has 95k miles. Had level II inspection, guibo, clutch, mafs, and a control arm done about 30k ago.
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