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BMW 1 Series M Coupe - Strip tease - Front bumper and fender revealed - Video

You already saw the BMW 1 Series M Coupe on a race track. Now you can see the first shapes and the colors of what BMW is calling a prototype 1 series M couple. BMW is going to be slowly pealing off more of the car cover until the final shape of the ///M 1 series is shown. While BMW is calling this a prototype the production cars tend to look exactly the same so what they're showing off is more or less what will hit the showrooms. What do you think of the color and the bulging front fender?

Thanks to for these details:
* The color is Valencia Orange Metallic, a new color exclusive to the 1M
* The engine is N54 based
* The 1M will be manual transmission only
* Those are the M3 Competition Package wheels
* The front air intake is pretty similar to the M3's, but even more pronounced
* The side skirts are also much like the M3's in shape
* The side vents will be 'outrageous' compared to the other M cars
* Some minor detail in the revealed area of the M1 will be changed.
* The rear valance will have vents above the exhaust that protrude out and are angled slightly inward
* There's an oil-cooler in-front of the front left wheel
* The rear-view mirrors will look very familiar to E9X M3 owners

More details from BMW insider Scott26
I see cars in the earliest stage but I have other projects to work on that I cannot afford to be distracted as I have many projects not only for cars but I also conceive stuff for The German only BMW TV channel which in some cases do not involve cars. With each project now we have started to do Pre-visualisation on the computer because we can show it to the director and production crew and explain this is the angles we want to get the perfect shot.

The time window for this car is extremely tight and originally enthusiasm was not apparent until Dr. Kay Segler came to the M Division.
We had initially toyed with the idea of an 1M when we were conceiving the Coupe and did work with evaluation models then using the engine from the E46 and the upgraded E46 CSL engine but it proved to be too heavy for the car.

Originally in the early days of marketing the standard 135i was originally meant to be an M model.

The 1M that stands before you now has had possibly the most progressive stage from thought-production turnaround for a BMW. There had to be a lot of arm-twisting in the BMW Board because of the tight window between generation 1 and generation 2 of the Coupe. The proposal was green lighted when BMW decided to use the Coupe model for the BMW eDrive evaluation. Therefore slightly extending it's life cycle.

When I first saw the car it was in a design studio as a full scale clay model but since then some designers ideas have to make way for aerodynamics and engineering. The initial engine proposal was the N55 but they were having issues that cannot be solved within the time window. BMW Greenlit this car in July 09, now over a year later we see it as it intended , although testing still commences until the launch. Valvetronic was the main cause of the time delay but BMW have spent some time on this and are using the N55 as a basis for the next M3.

The best way to describe the engine of the 1M is a "Hybrid" but in the original form of Hybrid, nothing to do with "alternatives", but it is not a straightforward transplant.

There is a lot of this car that will carry over for the next generation 1M in which that car will switch to four cylinders to which the M Division engineers are already working on the basics without time constraints or restrictions. 1M (E82) is showing what is possible in a small timeframe 1M (F22) will show what is possible once you do not have restrictions.
Follow our full E82 1 Series M coverage at
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