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Originally Posted by tturedraider View Post
little update fwiw -

Based on the quoted mission statement I know what dealer this is.

I'm not trying to disparage the OP, but this is what I found and what I know. I just returned from driving the entire area where the OP said the accident happened and where he said he found 30ft of skid marks and curb impact. There are three streets behind the dealership. I drove up and down each of those streets VERY slowly and no evidence that matched what the OP reported. I found one place where you could tell someone had laid down some rubber. There was one short strip and one longer strip, but neither one showed any sign of an out of control car and there was no evidence at all that the curb in that area had experienced any kind of impact once much less twice. So, that is what I observed.

I know the management of this dealership and the OP's account of how he was treated is 180 degrees opposite of this dealership's management style/philosophy. I know the owner is a man of very high moral standards and is a very strong supporter of the local community; to the tune of several hundred thousand dollars in community organizations each year.

I'm not saying the accident didn't happen; though I could not find the evidence the OP reported. I am saying I don't believe the OP is representing the facts and the details accurately. I find it interesting the OP got a lawyer so quickly and is already thinking of ways to "screw" the dealer. I'm thinking his story better be accurate or he may just be opening himself up to a libel claim.
The only things that matter are:
1) was the M5 damaged?
2) who was driving the M5 when this happened?
3) how much was the M5 damaged?

These three questions should be very easy to answer.

And the fact that the Dealership is negotiating with the M5's owner is very strong indication as to 1) and 2).
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