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Originally Posted by The HACK View Post
Good luck with that. According to some here that even the 3 series gets treated like a rare one-off Ferrari at dealerships and porters and techs take every opportunity to beat on them...What chance does an M5 stand?

For those of you wishing to have a fun read...Search for "Savage BMW" here. I was somewhat involved in that saga and all I can tell you is, you're only seeing one side of the story.

Having witness this first hand, the M5 owner should have immediately contacted HIS insurance company and have them deal with the dealership's insurance rather than try to haggle with the dealership. That or call his lawyer "friend" immediately and have him show up at the dealership with him.
I know. I was being as they say, facetious.

Since BMW gives me a stripped, reeking from tobacco 328i as a loaner, I have been hanging around the lounge/service area instead. What I don't know unfortunately will hurt me.
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The E90 sedan is the last in the line of great 4 door 3 Series BMW's. Too bad.

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