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It's simply that the dealer, while in a position of trust, abused and damaged the OP's property. The OP has the right to react to this betrayal of trust any way he sees fit. Should he now trust the dealer to fix his car? Wouldn't he be a fool not to take it somewhere else? How in the world do you expect him to trust the dealer to fix the car properly? You may still trust the dealer, but the dealer hasn't betrayed your trust.

To a far, far, far less significant degree I've had dealers betray my trust before, but the good ones made it right before I could even blurt out a negative word. My Audi dealer gave me a free 60k maintenance(~$450) because I had a check engine light within a minute from leaving the dealership. My Mercedes dealer took 20% (~$200) off my bill when he needed an extra day to get my service done. Both times I would have been unhappy with the service, but each time they honestly explained what went wrong and compensated me for my troubles. What about the dealers who didn't make right? Let's put it this way, I'll never buy a Lincoln again.

BTW, why are you quoting "tturedraider" from Bimmerfest over at the M5Board?

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