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Originally Posted by dalekressin View Post
I agree with pilotman that bad things happen in life; however, this problem should not have occurred. My M3 milage fell a bunch at the time I picked up my M3 after a 1200 mile service. Gotta be related to a "fun drive". Seems if you have an M you need to stay for service work to monitor events. I saw a Poesche 911 was wrapped around a tree on a test drive by a mechanic after an oil change. Bad things happen but many are avoidable.
This is true. At the risk of repeating what's already been said, the dealership has the responsibility of making the owner "right". Not right by the dealership's standards or right by the owner's standards, but by the standards of the Texas Board of Insurance. Fix the car completely so it was as if the accident didn't happen and there will be some diminished value, as well. Not enough for the owner to take a lavish trip to Europe, but there is some formula that will make it better.

Originally Posted by RBinDC View Post
Back in 1970 I owned a 911 and was rear-ended. I recall seeing an article citing a court case in which a Porsche owner was granted more than the cost of repairs because the Porsche was determined by the judge to be a "special" vehicle - not just run-of-the mill Ford. Surely an M5 would also fall into that category. I'll bet there is some additional case law supporting that finding.

Now the problem is that this happened in Texas - California where I lived. Texas is a Republican, pro-business, state. It wouldn't surprise me if it has weak consumer protection laws. One reason (among many) why I would never live there.
Sigh. Not to turn this into a political thread, but you clearly have a misunderstanding about Texas. I grew up in California and moved to Texas when I was in my 30s. I now have a pretty decent understanding of how the Texas Board of Insurance based on my employment of the last few years and I can say that your assessment couldn't be farther from the truth. Texas protects their citizens. They just do a better job than California of trying to not protect them from their own stupidity.

Oh, and thanks HACK... I @ your "show up with your lawyer friend" comment.

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Originally Posted by KrisL View Post
My input is that ffej knows what he's talking about .

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