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Originally Posted by tturedraider View Post
Oohhh, I've been banned for a week on ///5Board. I have to say I didn't realize how great Bimmerfest is. I have an entirely new respect for our management. I've posted a goodly number of opposing views since I've been here. I've never been censored and rarely had my words' meaning twisted into comments/thoughts that really are beyond comprehension. I am completely serious when I say that forum really scares me. I've never seen such a high level of vitriol on any other BMW forum.

Thank you, Bimmerfest management/mods!!!

Originally Posted by dunderhi
Okay, let's assume for argument sake the OP inflamed the situation. Let's say the dealer should have had the right to fix the car himself. Let's say people shouldn't be allowed to share opinions or information on forums unless they sign-up someone to provide the counterpoint. Assuming all of the previous assumptions could possibly be true, I have one just question. How, under what circumstance, does damaging a customer's property put the dealer in the right? The dealer's defenders are acting as if the dealer has been wronged.

What if the OP took a sledgehammer to a car in the showroom and then offered to fix it himself? No harm, no foul, right? The dealership should gladly take that deal right? I should also assume the dealer wouldn't claim diminished value when he sold this car at a reduced cost, right?

No one here on Bimmerfest has defended the "crash dealer". They've only looked at the situation with a dispassionate, reasonable, realistic view point.
I think you've just qualified for the hall of fame with that one.

I didn't realize 1Bimmerguy agreed with the OP. I guess I should let the M5Board know that 1Bimmerguy has had a change of heart. He's come such a long way in just a short amount of time.

I do have to ask you one question, why did you change your name to 1Bimmerguy when you joined the M5Board and then quoted tturedraider from Bimmerfest as if he was someone who agreed with you? I felt embarrassed to be a Fester when I read that post.

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