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Originally Posted by quinnski View Post
which is a better choice for an alternator for 2003 530i. How much is a new one vs a rebuilt one?
I just went through the same thought process for a 2002 525i.

The price of a new Bosch 120 alternator would have been astronomical; so, there was no question that I was going to buy a rebuilt alternator. I didn't have time to rebuild it myself because it's my only vehicle; but, in hindsight, I wish I had stockpiled the components from cn90's DIY.

I got my rebuilt Bosch 120 from OEMBimmerparts for less than $200 (details here) overnight.

Originally Posted by quinnski View Post
they told me that the alternator could not be rebuilt. Should I get it back from them?
It's my understanding that most states make it law that you get your part back if you ask for them PRIOR to them working on the car. Of course, they'll still have the parts if you ask soon enough after they start work - but the point is, if you ask right, they have to give you the old parts, by law.

I'm not sure how that applies to items that have 'core charges' ... these core charges always confused me anyway. I paid a core charge of $100 for my alternator, which cost $25 to ship back, so, the core charge, in essence, cost me $25 in real dollars.

Originally Posted by quinnski View Post
I have a feeling they will keep the old one and rebuild it to be sold later
As I said, I don't know how "core charges" work, especially to a mechanic.
It's my guess they too will have a core charge (although I don't know this for a fact), so, they'll send the alternator back to the remanufacturer. It's my guess that the final say on whether or not it can be rebuilt will be by that remanufacturer ... but by then, it's way out of your control (or concern).

Originally Posted by quinnski View Post
What ever happened to honesty?
I've been cheated & treated well when I went to an indy; I've only been cheated when I went to the stealer ... but I've never been cheated in a bimmerfest DIY!

My suggestion if you have the time is ...
a) Get your car and old alternator back
b) Order a rebuilt alternator from OemBimmerparts
c) Replace it yourself (here instructions I wrote up with cn90 help)

Originally Posted by quinnski View Post
If it is a new Bosch as opposed to a rebuilt one, how can I verify that the part is indeed, new?
Dunno. My rebuilt alternator (see pic below) came with stickers on it saying it was rebuilt and by whom.

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