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Originally Posted by Fudman View Post
Glad you made it home alright! Block party is finally breaking up. Time for some serious shuteye. Let's get together and whack that little ball aroundd.
Yes, no oil spots on the floor either! Fall golf is here, lets do it.

Just curious. Those tools are pretty hefty.

HOW did you break it?
Fudman fabricated his own using the dims posted here on a thread, it was 1.5mm thick stamped steel (pretty light duty), the 2nd revision started life as the hardened steel bar stock from a garage door opener (that part with all the holes drilled in it that the door quick disconnect attaches to), it was much closer to the 4mm thickness of those "beautiful" tools in your photo (need me some of those), have you used them yet for your cooling system or VANOS? ... and yes geezer, us east coast nuts are VERY hard to crack and on the equipment!

It gives instant satisfaction when firing it back up, I know.
You are 100% correct... I intuitively "knew" it should fire back up but I must admit there was a split second as I was about to turn the key waiting for some metal to shear through the front right corner of the hood!

No worries for oscillating idle / jolts when the cold weather gets here.
I had very very slight symptoms, some may not call them symptoms at all, in warm or cold weather, during the first 30 seconds of start up, my initial idle would never get above 1000rpm and there would be a few skipped beats in there. Will have to see what happens this morning, but yesterday I was surprised that the initial start up idle went up to 1300 then settled back down to 650 with no skipped beats (not one)... very very smooth. Driving it, best analogy is going from using a high end dull knife to a sharp one, the dull knife still feels great in your hand and cuts like hell but once you sharpen it you realize another level of performance. Cant wait to get my 9Jx18s on there, Fudman has me thinking about some new Sachs after driving his identical 530i with an all new front suspension... nice and tight.

How many miles are on it?
I bought it in February with 59,000 miles on it, now has 70337, my VANOS was more preventative then due to any issues. Glad I did it, the seals were rock hard like hard plastic vs. rubbery like the new o-rings and flexible like the new teflon seals.

All in all, not a job for the faint of heart, but if you can wrench and oil and coolant dont scare you, not a hard job, just a methodical process. We did not have any parts break coming apart or going back together. I can see how that would be a PITA if any of the 10+ electrical connectors blew apart. My CCV looked mayo free from the top side but we did notice the insulation on the one insulated hose is deteriorating (due to FL heat I suspect). Next is the CCV but Fudman was saying that IS a PITA compared to the VANOS... ahhh, another day.

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