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Originally Posted by doru View Post
So yesterday morning it was quite on the cool side. 7C or for you US folks, about 44 F. It was morning, and not too much traffic (sighs with relief). The car is garaged every day, so the temperature is much higher than that outside. That being said, there was no braking issue. So here I go, cruising between 50-70 Km/hr (30-43 mph), speed limits permitting. Because there wasn't much traffic, I believe them pads cooled down really good. Point is, the speedo went up, so I said, lets slow down a bit and hit the brakes. Well, surprise: do you guys remeber the cars that had no ABS? Now imagine you are in one of those cars and now you drive on ice. Suddenly you brake. What is the feeling? I tell you: nothing . You're just gliding. That's exactly how the Akes reacted. I was lucky there was no traffic, or I didn't need to do an emergency brake. It was like if someone poured oil on them brakes. Eventually they warmed up and started to bite again.

Well, winter is coming and we have waaaay colder days than that. This being said, the FINAL WORD on the Akebono (if you live in a cold climate zone) - they're utterly junk. They are probably OK if you live somwhere where you don't have winter, or maybe if you plug the brake ducts? I certainly love the dustless braking, but suddenly I just fell in love with the black sh*t

Anyways, after I got home, I ordered some Jurids.
Well, isn't that just beautiful.

That is exactly what I said about Akebono a couple of years ago. That they are worthless in cold weather. But of course, the hype on the Bonos was so hip, nobody wanted to listen. And as a result, you are now going back to the trusted ugly dusty OEM.

Get yourself the Axxis. Just because Akebono sucks, doesn't mean everything else sucks.

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