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Originally Posted by Jason5driver View Post
Yes, I have heard this before...

I think Doru went with the OEM Jurids because he knows they WILL brake well regardless of the temperature outside.

Which Axxis pads are you recommending...?
Yes, I understand why Doru went back to the familiar to him Jurid.

"Those who were burnt with boiling waters, will then be careful with lukewarm waters". - I don't know who said that.

I have the Axxis Deluxe Plus. People here posted that it's difficult to find them now. Difficult, but not impossible. You'll have to make some phone calls to the site sponsors to try and get them.

When I had the Akebono, I had to remind myself to constantly check the brakes and warm them up, to bring them up to bite.

"The greatest thing about the internet, is that you can quote something and totally make up the source." - George Washington.
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