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Originally Posted by bluebee View Post
Since I really would want a good vetting of the VANOS tools/parts list, I'll copy it here to make it easier for you to identify which parts you bought and which are missing from this list and which are recommended but optional.
B: Bought
U: Used
S: Suggest you purchase

BUS - 1 valve cover gasket
BUS - 1 Double vanos seals repair kit (6-cyl) (BS001) $60/each (beisansystems)
BUS - 1 vanos gasket (11-36-1-433-817) 6.73/each,
BUS - 2 vanos oil hose/pipe washer (32-41-1-093-596) $.25/each
See Below, I used the Besian list as the purchase guide and bought everything! - ? anything else ?

BUS - 1 valve cover gasket set (>=09/02 11-12-0-030-496) $34.26/each,
BUS - 15 valve cover bolt grommet (11-12-1-437-395) $1.73/each,
BS (would stink if this broke and it was cheap, I'll sell you all my new parts not used if you are interested)- 1 oil fill neck gasket (11-12-7-526-447) 2.29/each
See Below... - ? anything else ?

BS (Did not break one, put the old ones back in before I realized I bought these... if you broke one on removal, need them) - 2 x vanos piston bolt (11-36-1-748-745) $1.42/each,
BUS (although the caps I took off were in decent shape) - 4 x engine cover bolt/nut cap (11-12-1-726-089) 3.27/each,
BS (could have used them, but did not see them under a paper towel, these "rivets" are one time use items, buy them) - 2x fan shroud rivet (17-11-1-712-963) $.27/each,
BS (if you broke this, would need it, I have a new one I'll sell you)- radiator overflow neck (17-11-0-419-132) $1.67/each
- ? anything else ?

BUS (not sure what these are, I'll check my invoice but, I think they may be just the plastic cover vs. the nut)- 4x engine cover pad (11-12-1-730-352) $1.98/each
BUS (purchased hi-temp copper RTV at NAPA)- You also need high-temp RTV sealant for the corners of the valve cover.
- ? anything else ?

Fudman Supplied (you have this right?)- 32mm long-handled thin fan clutch nut tool (see details here)
Attached to Fan/Hub, dont think you need this- Fan hub bolt
You have this, Fudman Supplied, we broke, made on the fly, counterhold tool
, 45mm (I6) or 38mm (V8) hole spacing
- ? anything else ?[/QUOTE]

I would say, if you are methodical, which you appear to be by your post detail you can do this if you already have removed your fan / fan shroud. The other parts, removing the valve cover and removing the VANOS is really all about following the Besian directions which were literal step by step (very good). Removing the old teflon ring required:

- a razor knife, an exacto thin blade knife would be pefect
- a pick set (small plastic screw driver handles on various metal point shafts)
- scotch brite pad to smooth out the inevitable scratches you will put on the piston surface, just dont scratch inside the groove when you remove them.

I also put new Bosche spark plugs in at the same time as you are right there once the coils are removed. Other tools, things:

- good torque wrench that works both clockwise and counter clockwise
- way to lift your car, we lifted and put a triple 2x8 block under front wheels, gives you enough access under the car to disconnect the coolant hoses from clips without removing hoses like the Besian instructions suggest (avoids bleeding the coolant system).
- I used the brake cleaner on all the parts / hoses / shields, frame, etc before putting back together, you wont reach alot of those spots ever again!
- blue tape and marker to label each coil as you remove it so you put back on the same cylinder
- remove the VANOS cap and do one piston at a time, put cap back on so you dont mix up pistons (they have a wear set to the cylinder)
- only use one roll of paper towels
- used 6x white terry towels (tossed)
- used two beach size towels to cover fender and engine to prevent scratches, etc and a nice spot to set the tools and instructions
- printed instructions in a 3 ring binder (easy to manage and set on towel above)
- two shop lights, good flashlight (to see nooks)
- pan to catch coolant when you raise the overflow tank too high even though instructions warn you about this
- pan to catch oil that VANOS will spit out when you pull metal covers and plastic caps, I followed instructions and put two white towels over the belts and hoses (see pic), they did their job
- folding table with towel on it to set all the parts in an organized group, in sequence with them coming off, easy to locate and put back on

... thats about it, an extra set of hands familiar with the next tool required (like you see on ER in the operating room) helped out HUGE.... Fudman was there with the next socket size, tool, wrench before I asked for it (he and I both had a 3 ring binder reading at the same time, his on the bench, mine under the hood), worked really well.

You can do it I'm sure, good luck.

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