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1988 BMW M5 Need Help

Hello All,

Sorry new here, and thought you might be able to help me with few questions. I looked at a 1988 BMW M5 at the local car lot. It has 248,000 miles but started right up, it was sitting for 3 months. I could smell the fuel, I guess she needs a tune up, and also the yellow check light was flashing in the center of the instrument cluster. No check engine light was on the top, I guess where the sun roof button is, just the coolant light and rear and front lights were on. So she was running, I took the engine oil cap off, and right away the engine started running funny like it wants to shut off, and the same when I took the dipstick out. I could also smell gasoline in the oil I think, I might be wrong. I saw some oil marks under the car, seems fresh. The body is straight, I guess just the cosmetics with the front bumper spoiler. The interior was rough, but nothing scary needs work, also the rear self leveling is gone, so I guess need to replace them with regular struts. I heard some metal buzzing sounded like the exhaust, maybe a hole somewhere. They want $4,500 for it, I would love to have her, but afraid of the engine being bad, with the cap and dip stick affecting engine running when they are removed. Could you guys help me out, and give me some advice. Thank you so much.
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