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Originally Posted by quackbury View Post
Want some cheese with that whine?

Everyone pays the bank acquisition fee - it goes to BMWFS, not the dealer - regardless of how many BMW's you have leased in the past. The only thing that new customers have to pay is a security deposit, which makes perfect sense when you think of it. (Ever leased an apartment, a ski house or anything else without a security deposit? I doubt it). The security deposit protects BMW in case you turn your car in over-mileage or with excess wear-and-tear. Security deposits are waived for returning BMWFS customers.

The dispo fee was clearly stated in your lease agreement when you picked up the car. If you didn't read it, that's hardly the dealer's fault.

AFAIK the dispo fee is waived if you have a new BMW on order. (I know for a fact it is waived if you lease another BMW - not sure what the deal is if you pay cash). If you did, in fact, get a 2011, I would call BMWFS, give them the new car's VIN and request that your dispo fee be waived.

And like someone else said, you have only yourself to blame if you paid full retail for new tires. The cost of having the dealer replace then was clearly spelled out in the Lease Turn In Kit you should have received 60 days before your lease ended. It is ALWAYS cheaper to go this route - you not only save on tires, but you do not get dinged for shipping, mounting, balancing, and disposing of the old tires.

The Lease Turn In Kit also had a clear plastic wheel that would have allowed you to determine if the scratch in your bumper was chargable or not. If it was, it would have been a lot cheaper to buy a tube of touch up paint in the parts department instead of paying $100.

The sad fact of the matter is you really have no one but yourself to blame if you didn't do your homework.
I clearly recall the dealer asking if I had EVER leased a car from BMW. When I said "no", he said that I would have to pay an $800 lease acquisition fee. My assumption was that if I leased again I would not pay this. I was never required to provide a security deposit, but perhaps this was because I opted to pay for the lease through direct checking account deduction.

I should have been more explicit about the words "just before". I got the tires 4 months before turn in, but only after they were too worn to pass State inspection. I didn't see much in the a way of an alternative if I wanted to drive the car the last 4 months of the lease.

I was aware of the disposition fee, but I understood that charging it was more or less at the discretion of the dealer. I bought my car from a different dealer, so the old dealer refused to waive it. If it is, in fact, a fee charged by BMWFS, then I'll give them a call.

You are certainly right about the touch up paint. I should have used it. I used a "scratch cover" product which didn't quite pass muster.

While I found some of your comments useful, you tone is unhelpful.
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