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Originally Posted by KaptinKP View Post
^ Matt,

What do yo mean whats wrong? You talking about the mpg?

I think it's because I have bigger injectors...(21lb instead of 17lb)

I have 42s and I get 20 city 30 highway.

I wouldn't get a higher diff either, I hate being at 3k at 70mph, but that's just me.

How do you drive it? I get on mine pretty hard a good bit of the time.

Originally Posted by E36 Phantom View Post
Honestly? Just because. I love the 540, don't get me wrong, but there were a few other cars calling me to give them a little try for a while so we'll see how that goes.

And I'm talking about STEEP hills where cars stack up behind you. You have to use the ebrake, it's simply not possible to do otherwise without slipping the sh*t out of your clutch (see Sama's method) or rolling back a bunch.
What other cars are in mind? Without giving away what it is.

Nah, just dump the clutch and watch everyone stare
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