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Originally Posted by AF330i
After seeing and hearing so much about the ZHP, I finally had an opportunity to take out GEO330ís for a spin at a get together we had over the weekend.

First let me start with WOW !!! Under the magnifying glass this car takes the 330i to the next level.

Letís start with the transmission, this gearbox snicks off shifts like a gearbox should. BMW finally made a gearbox that feels less like butter and more mechanical in feeling. I just loved the whole feel and control you have with it.

The exhaust sounds perfect to me, it makes my 330i sound almost silent where the ZHP lets you hear the growl just to remind you itís there.
Power-wise between the two I really donít feel any difference except I felt like my regular 330i felt slightly quicker off the line (though George felt his car was quicker off the line) and I felt my car felt lighter on itís feet sort to speak. I think this is due to the large 18Ē wheels, I remember when I had 18Ē wheels and that heaviness translated to a slightly slower feel off the line.
Also, Georgeís engine had under 3000 miles on it and felt VERY tight, I can tell itís gotta break in more and once it does it might make itís quicker 0-60 known . . .

Overall the ZHP feels heavier as well and it all starts with the steering which was definitely heavier though this could be a variance-thing between 330ís, this is not the first 330 I have driven that felt like it had heavier steering then mine. This heaviness is not a bad thing, in fact itís a GOOD thing, it is a more inline with what I expect from a german car, it gives the car a very solid feel.

The interior though enough has been said is very nice, the Alcantra/cloth is nice as well as the silver cube though I didnít spend too much time concentrating on it . . . to me it was all about the drive.

Lookswise, I plain out love it . . . I think those 18Ē wheels look aggressive, the nose of the car is beautiful, the black trim around the windows adds a sporty flavor (though it looks like it can scratch up very easily) and the rear bumper and lip spoiler add a nice touch.

One thing I do like better about the regular 330 in comparison like I mentioned above is the lighter on itís feet more agile feel. For some reason the regular 330 feels like it wants to dance on itís toes sort of speak . . . it just feels like a lighter car with a little more agility . . . with that said, if I were to do it again (and the ZHP was available) I would definitely without a doubt get a ZHP.

BTW once more thing, I also drove Carfreaks 2003 330i with the ZHP wheels - damn those wheels look hot
uh-oh i can see the wheels (no pun intended)turning in alan's head..
alan is probably making a call to his dealer right now asking how much he can get for his 330i on the trade-in for a ZHP.
Glad we finally had a mini meet and it was definitely nice to finally meet ben & george and seeing alan again.
nice write up

So alan did you get your lip spoiler on your car yet?
Yeah definitely agree with ya on the zhp rims! NICE!!!

take care,