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I was wondering when you were going to post your review of my car

I must say that after getting in my car after having driven yours, I did not notice any difference in power off the line. Your car was definitley more tossable than mine and contributing to that was most likely the extra wheel weight and the low mileage tightness of my car. I was even surprised as to how much looser your gearbox was. The throws did not involve as much effort and were less notchy.

I can't wait to break 10k on this car. Even 5k I'm sure I'll feel a little difference. It felt good riding on 17's again and not feeling every pebble and imperfection on the road. But I guess it's a small price to pay to have the gorgeous 135's rollin and that more connected suspension.

I'm really glad we were able to ride each others cars and compare. We all have great cars and you are all great guys! Sean I love the look of your car and the growl from the intake. Damn I need that GruppeM..
You have to get some pics up of your ride. Thanks for the Pizza BTW, I'll get you next time.

So Alan, what color is your ZHP going to be..hmmmmmmmmmm
Hahaha, I guess I'm not one to talk about selling/trading cars, but if you need any convincing in either direction(to ZHP or not to ZHP) I'll be here for you man!
Your 330 is perfect now, especially since it is already so broken in and loose. You drive VERY WELL and seem to know your car very well and that's most important. Just get the 135's(forget about the extra weight), put that spoiler on already and some black/silver cube trim, I know you're getting bored of the alu finish, and be done with it.

Ben thanks for getting my camera bag, wheeeew. I owe you one for that! CarFreak has and incredible 330i and looks almost identical to mine, but with GruppeM which sounds LOVELY! I'll get some pics up guys when I get a chance.

Alan we need to talk tires buddy, I was trying to decide on some different options other than ContiExtreme's.
Also I was trying to slow my shifting throws down, but I can't help it most of the time. Maybe it will slow down with time

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