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Originally Posted by GeoMystic
Alan we need to talk tires buddy, I was trying to decide on some different options other than ContiExtreme's.
Also I was trying to slow my shifting throws down, but I can't help it most of the time. Maybe it will slow down with time

LOL . . . it's funny you mention the shifting, for the fun of it today I tried shifting like you do (Mr Lightning fast shifter ) and my gearbox felt terrible doing it.

When I'm in the high RPM's it feels naturally when shifting fast but in the low rpm's for normal driving my box feels a little notchy when shfiting THAT fast

I was about to order my ContiExtreme's today but am going to wait another day or two . . . let's talk via email about it so we don't bore the others.

BTW Seans' car does look incredible plus I like how he lowered it . . . I think it's a real sharp 3er