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Car1951, how did you arrive at the conclusion that your pressure sensor might be bad? Did you retrieve any fault codes? If so, what software did you use and what were the codes? Or did you just start doing the tests described in this thread?

If you did get a fault code suggesting a pressure sensor problem and your X5 has DSC 5.7, I suggest you perform the pressure sensor test via the precharge pump described in the WDS:

You will need INPA or GT1/DIS to perform these tests, but you can get the software free and interface and cables for less than $50. (See my post #250 above.) That's a lot cheaper than throwing money at parts based on the voltage test described in this thread, which has never been verified.

I'm struggling with a similar problem right now. I originally got Carsoft code 86 (outlet valve front right) but now I'm getting 115 (ABS/ASC control unit internal error). (I don't find Carsoft errors to be reliable - I'm only reporting them for completeness.)

INPA consistently shows:

and DIS shows:

The brake pressure (measured with DIS) with the pedal not depressed is 0 bar, so DIS says the possible problems are a lose contact or high frequency interference:

I haven't found any loose contact and I have no idea what might be a source of high frequency interference. So I'm going through the WDS "Pressure sensor test via the precharge pump" shown above, but I'm a bit confused by the two statements "Fault currently not present" - I suspect that the second should read Fault currently present. The fault is present after a precharge pump test and the pressure with the engine running and maximum force on the brake pedal is above 80 bar (about 85-100 bar). I can activate the precharge pump with INPA - I can hear it run - but I guess it's output is too low. The only thing I haven't done yet is "ventilate DSC hydraulics," i.e., bleed the brakes with DIS, but it's looking like I'll need a new precharge pump.

In answer to your question about bleeding the brakes, you will need to but it must be done with activation of the DSC module using DIS:

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