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Trunk Money

Drove a 535 GT today, discounted from about $67k+ to $61k. 2010 535 with sports, cold weather and convenience packages. Nice ride. But I guess someone has figured out that a "grand touring" car that cannot safely be driven in a cold climate (thanks to the sports package) has a limited shelf life. The almost head guy at the dealership told me he had some "trunk money" for this car. I sure hope so.

Riddle me this: how can BMW sell a car with a "cold weather package" that cannot be driven in cold weather because of the tires on the car?

Apparently this little trunk monkey gets to jump to just one car, if you believe what I was told. So the dealers supposedly had to pick just one of their non-selling GTs for the trunk money. I suggest there will be many 2010 GTs with undesirable options resting on the lots as the 2011s arrive. Might get ugly, which is truly unfortunate. The 5 GT is a great idea. But the way BMW introduced it to the US, much like they did with the 335d, is totally brain dead, at least by American standards.

I remember why Audi fled the American market in the early 1970s. The sent many green painted autos over, because that is what sold in Germany. They didn't bother to do the research. At that time in the US green was the most disfavored color. I guess BMW shares the same arrogance, just passed down through the automotive grandchildren.

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