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Originally Posted by borderchris View Post
I've heard great things about that 49-DL- I actually put in an Interstate only because my local Napa had a steal on them.

You guys are going to laugh, but the battery I replaced was the crusty-looking, original battery, dated 12-02. It actually wasn't dead yet, but was starting to show signs of weakness. I was shocked that it lasted nearly 8 years, but it's the second German battery I've seen that with. My '01 had the original, which died at the 6 year mark.
Only thing is that your "German" battery is American.

It is Douglass Batteries, Made in USA. The cars came here with no batteries and it was installed here. (I checked with the source).

Some 5 years ago I bought a douglass battery for my E39. I called the factory and asked them if their battery is available retail and if so, who sells them. So they gave me a name or a parts shop and special delivered a brand new fresh battery to them. It is identical to what came in my car (I already knew that) and is the same that the dealer was selling you.

Douglass was sold to another battery manufacturer. Don't are no longer exist.

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