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Originally Posted by Jason5driver View Post
it is hard to really consider the reviews on Tire Rack as truth.
I gave up long ago on reading Tire Rack reviews. It sounded like some of the non-technical boards here ... where egotistical fiction prevailed over cold hard science.

Me? Unless the tire brand-model-size combination consensus is so obviously overwhelmingly positive (and it rarely is), I stick with the cold hard "science" of the government-mandated three ratings, namely:
- Traction (e.g., AA)
- Temperature aka Speed (e.g., A)
- Treadwear (e.g., 400)

I select all the A's, sort by price, and doublecheck the mileage. It's that easy to choose a tire (for me). Easy. And, funny enough, I'm always happy with the results (although my tires never feel squirmy on tar snakes so you guys apparently "feel" seat-of-the-pants criteria a lot more than I do).

I wish it were the same with friction materials, I really do. I love cold hard science.

I'd love, for example, say, a similar three friction ratings, although I'm not sure what they would be. I tried to put those 'ratings' unscientifically in the canonical thread for newbies for most-recommended brands ...
- Stopping friction (High) measured on initial high-speed & low-speed stops
- Fade resistance (Medium) measured on repeated high-speed stops
- Dusting (Low) measured after 10,000 miles by ? (weight)
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