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Originally Posted by fcsteve View Post
welding a plate simply does nothing for protection. you also cant weld a pan with oil on/in it. oil near a weld is bad news.

i have a buddy who came from the VW world, after a short drive in my car he went and picked up an e30. he has welded a plate on the bottom .. blew it out. shortened the bottom of the pan a 1/4" .. blew it out. cut off the square front of the pan and welded on thick plate at an angle so it wasnt such a sharp edge .. recieved a text a few hours ago .. it blew out. you simply cannot weld any piece of aluminum and expect it not to shatter.

vw pans are out of any danger, he is new to BMW. he isnt used to an oil pan in a murder zone.
There is soo much young punk retarded doo doo in your post I cringe when I read your idiotic trite and condescending responses. The fact that you thought when I said it could stay on the car you think they wouldn't drain the oil first before they started welding on it?

Second, You are proving to us that you truly go at this like a monkey phukin a football= Totally ridiculous. The spacers are scewing of the geometry of the driveline and you are trying to raise the motor to allow bottom clearance? If the pan is too tall, you shorten it, not raise the motor and change drive angles and the operation level of the engine.

Third, you can weld an oil pan, watched it be done in '97 on a friends 325es that was missing the front and side of the pan. Sundance Welding had him back on the road for $250 in one day, same pan, no subframe drop or raise the engine. MY OLD E30 had a piece of flat aluminum with some holes drilled in it welded to the front and curled around the bottom of my old one. Same place did that in '06 Sundance, and the guy in Kentucky that bought it still is driving it just the way it was.

So,stop acting like a know it all so you don't end up looking like a
straight dumba$$.