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Originally Posted by bluebee View Post
Mat (or is it Matt?),
You're better'n I am 'cuz, I could only find Axxis Deluxe Advanced pads for the rears ...
- Why so hard to find FRONT Axxis Deluxe Advanced brake pads (1)

In the end, all I could get were PBR Deluxe Advanced pads for my fronts.

However, AFAIK, Axxis Deluxe Advanced are exactly the same as PBR Deluxe Advanced (nobody has proved otherwise in this thread).
You can call me either Mat or Matt. It doesn't really matter since my name is Dan.

MatWiz is not short for Mathew.

My box says "organic". Your two boxes say "ceramic". Whatever it means. My guess is that they didn't use pesticides when they grew my pads.

Of course some manufacturers will say that their brakes don't "need" bedding. A good bedding will cut right into their profit...

Jared, what you are doing is not "bedding", what you are doing is "pad matching".

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