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Originally Posted by MatWiz View Post
You can call me either Mat or Matt. It doesn't really matter since my name is Dan.
Well, who'd a thought that! (Yes, I did see the Mattress Wizard joke, but, I stayed outta' that thread since it had no value to me ... )

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
My box says "organic". Your two boxes say "ceramic"
I think we're accidentally mixing up boxes.

From what Turner Motorsport says (see gory details in this Axxis/PBR/MetalMasters/Bendix Mintex/Repco thread), these are the same (and they're ceramic):
- Axxis ULT Ceramic
- PBR ULT Ceramic

And, from what I found out in this thread, these are the same (and they're NAO):
- Axxis Deluxe Advanced
- PBR Deluxe Advanced

Interestingly, since M A R K E T I N G is so important with brake pads, they actually use the word "ceramic" on my PBR Deluxe Advanced pads, even though they are Non-Asbestos Organic (NAO) ... and that's because all you have to do is add a smidgen of sand and they get to claim that.

Point is, apparently, the Axxis & PBR ULT Ceramics are the same ceramic pads; and the Axxis & PBR Deluxe Advanced NAO pads are the same organic pads.

The key related question, I would think, would be how well the Akebono Euro Ceramics perform against the Axxis/PBR ULT Ceramics, with respect to cold-weather initial stopping bite.

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