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Originally Posted by x3ronnie View Post
What's wrong with your Dad's X5?
Airbag warning light (restraint system) tripped twice within a month, just about a month after delivery. Annoying wind whistle from the passenger side, not sure what causes it but it's audible everywhere in the cabin. Couple rattles in the cabin, not sure where they're coming from either (me thinks something in the door panels?). The cruise control stalk is a bit loose I think, because it clicks loudly every time I tap it (as opposed to my mom's 325i cruise stalk, which works silently).
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There's other things that aren't really faults or defects, but just a matter of design and engineering. The interior dash panels don't look very well-fitted or line up particularly evenly. The suspension is way too soft; the car bobs forward and backward every time one taps the brakes or accelerates lightly due to the massive weight shift. It just doesn't work on single-lane roads and the steering is more numb than ever. The power delivery isn't very linear (I will attribute this to a lower-than-minimum recommended cetane level in US diesel fuel).

The Nevada leather feels like vinyl especially on the door panels. The standard seats are uncomfortable no matter how I adjust them. The stereo is woeful and although I know it's the base system and don't expect a lot, I can't get the equaliser to adjust the way I want- the highs are too sharp and piercing, yet the overall sound is muddy. The instrument cluster centre display is too dim, and I wish the green indicator lights weren't at the very sides of the cluster.

When I worked at a dealership 2 years ago, part of my job was to drive all the cars up to the front and photograph them. Out of all the models I drove, the X5 was my least favourite. It simply felt big, cheap, and uninspired. Complete opposite of the 5er or 7er. But I don't often live at home and don't really drive his car much, so it's not like I really mind too much. (Until I go home and he insists that I drive it to the store)

Ironically, I'm the only one that can consistently park the huge thing correctly, lol.

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