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Originally Posted by B-1 Pilot View Post
I think in the end it will be the same argument as those who feel the need to run the clutch and stick-shift themselves -- as technology supersedes human capability, nostalgia is often misconstrued as better performance.
++1 imo some see the technology, and they get all the "enthusiasm" in them worked up, and others follow the "leaders" to belittle the technology cos it's only popular for an "enthusiast" to do so. A poor follower of the latter -

Check out the video at 2:05, the phrases "not as fun" to drive and lacks "on-center feel" are "popular", not initially though. But this guy says the lack of on-center feel is particularly evident when the F10 is at its limits. This seems to be contrary to the view that the lack of on-center feel is when the F10 is going straight, but fine when the f10 is at its limits/twisties etc?


Quote "While there is still direct mechanical linkage between the steering wheel and the drive wheels, an electric motor is used to assist steering on demand. As the electric motor kicks in, it seems to distort feedback through the wheel. Since the electric motor is only used when steering input is added, there is less energy consumed verses a conventional hydraulic steering assist setup, but this energy savings comes at a high price. On center feel is numb and leaves you guessing most of the time. Once the wheel is turned beyond 5 degrees, more information is progressively fed through the wheel, but still not in the raw, mechanical fashion we so adore. Road undulations are felt through the wheel, but there is definitely a middleman in this equation. While efficient electronic systems do have their place, it seems that this steering technology has evolved too far. Lets go back one evolutionary step and restore the pure, honest, steering feel of 5 series past."


There are people (including some who haven't even tested the F10) who jump on the bandwagon, but not sure what's in it - is it that the steering is too light/lexusfied (but the steering is weightier in sport mode, and generally reviews are positive about the weight) vs numb on center (but many don't know what is the meaning of numb on center eg the above), numb generally (please buy a 3 series if one is comparing the F10 to a E46 or E90, or better still a Lotus).

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