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What rotors are recommended for street use on the E39 (thread for newbies)

- What brand/model is the OEM rotor on the E39?

- What is the short list of recommended replacement rotors for the E39 (for performance, not bling)?

- What is the recommended list of suppliers for those recommended rotors

Today, a newbie asked "what brake pads & suppliers do you guys recommend", to which we pointed him to a thread made just for that purpose ... but that thread did not list the recommended rotors & suppliers.

In keeping with that newbie-first-read philosophy (i.e., more list than discussion), may we list recommended (non-bling please) functional rotors & suppliers we recommend most?

Most often recommended replacement rotors:
- ATE solid (Premium One brand is OEM?)
- Balo (which model?)
- Brembo solid (which model?)
- Centric Premium ?model
- Zimmermann ?model

- Cross-drilled and/or slotted rotors may be useful for cosmetic purposes but are not the focus of this newbie recommended replacement rotor list. (or should they be added?)

Most often recommended rotor suppliers:
- AutohauzAZ (AZ, 6.6% tax) 800-240-4620 (brands:models carried)?
- Bavauto (NH, no tax) 800-535-2002 (brands:models carried?)
- BMAParts (CA 9.75% tax) 888-262-3911 (brands:models carried?)
- Circle BMW (NJ 7% tax) 732-440-1238 (brands:models carried?)
- Crevier BMW (CA 9.75% tax) 800-309-2318 (brands:models carried?)
- EAC Tuning (OH 6.7% tax) 800.208.6448, contact, Carries: Jurid 187, Textar T4071, Akebono Euro, Hawk HPS & HP+, Textar Ceramic Fusions, and others (in order of the original list)
- JLevi SW (CA 9.75% tax) 888.JLEVISW (888.553.8479), Carries: StopTech Street Performance, Hawk HPS, & Porterfield R4-S Street Pads
- OemBimmerParts (TX 6.25% tax) 210.445.7090, contact Max@???, Carries: (brands:models listed above carried?)
- Pacific BMW (CA 9.75% tax) 800.542.9634 ,Carries: (brands:models carried?)
- Pelican (CA 9.75% tax) 888-280-7799 (brands:models carried?)
- SpeedNet Motorsports (CA, 9.75% tax) 800-530-3515
- Turner Motorsport (MA, 6.25% tax) 800-280-6966
- Zeckhausen (NJ 7% tax) 800-222-8893 (brands:models carried?)

NOTE: I'm sure there are inaccuracies and omissions in the information above so please modify as needed so that we end up with a complete and accurate list for newbies (the purpose is to list more so than discuss because discussion threads abound).

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