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Originally Posted by UncleJ View Post
So what was the gift?

It was like an X3 Parka or something like that. You are making me laugh because I opened it but never used it. It wasn't cheap quality or anything. I'm just not a Parka kind of guy. lol Still free is free.

Originally Posted by roadking40 View Post
Most companies do have people monitoring the forums. In many ways, it is a very simple way to get "honest" feedback about product. I guess I see your point about them hunting you down, but at least the intentions were honorable. I had a co-worker post pics of his Harley project on a site. Harley contacted him after the project was completed and gave him props on the design and work. They also incorporated several elements on one of their future Dark Custom bikes.
Yeah. I guess it is a good way to get honest feedback but how did they know it was me? My hotmail e-mail does not have my name and for signing up I made up a name that sounds like my hotmail account. I did not use my real name. I guess the creapy part is that the person said they had been reading my messages for months. It wasn't like they said they saw one thread/post. So I sort of felt like some record was being kept. All the while, I'm a nice guy and wouldn't want the dealership to get in trouble so if I knew I was being spied, I would not have whined so much. Like I said, I gave them all 5s.

It was an early time for them. I was the first person at my dealership with the Rear Entertainment System for the X3. It was their first year with bluetooth and rather than admit they had software issues, they tried to blame it on your phone. They wouldn't fix it until I went and bought a $700 Razor phone (when Razor was the shix) to prove it was the car. Then they got serious. Once he fixed it, it worked for all my it wasn't the phone...just BS.

They probably know who you are right And me telling the stories, they've probably identified me Scary.

The only thing I can think of is when they were having problems with the bluetooth/RES, I called and they called BMW NA for guidance. Maybe there was only one person having problems at that exact time...then if I post about it and say my car will be in the shop for 3 days, I guess they put it together. Had they contacted me via hotmail, I would have just thought Road Fly sold my address to them but they used my OTHER email. It's just creapy.

I agree it is nice they were trying to keep customers happy because they are right that happy customers are repeat customers. They'll get their money back.

Originally Posted by innovativeit View Post
No need to feel paranoid as long as you're honest about what you write. Sounds like you were.
Yeah...but just don't think you are being I said...I even purposely left out my state and I was still tracked down.
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