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Now this is a story of three (THREE / 3 !!!) parking SPOTS.

I am standing on a ramp. Behind me are the doors for Trader Joe, and Staples.

This three spots are from the corner curb on the right side (We'll call it spot #1,) and to the left, spot #2, and spot #3.

So what I did was taking a few pictures of these 3 spots on my way to Trader Joe, and then a few pictures of what happened after, on my way OUT of Trader Joe.

Let's start...

Spot 3: A woman just parked her X5 getting into spot 2.
She is just standing there on the other side (between 3 and 4) enjoying her cigarette.
See how much room she has on the other side? She can comfortably stand there smoking her sig.

You can also see that she parks her car about 2-3 feet backwards, obstructing the traffic behind her.

This is her X5 on the other side, into spot 2.

So this old man comes with his car (he's like 80 yo), and has difficulties getting in, or course.
He is going back and forth a few times until he got in. Meanwhile, there is a woman sitting in her car in spot 1,
so she gets up and asks him if he wants her to move her car so he can get in.
He says 'no its ok", and finally gets in. Of course, getting into spot #1.

Now he opens his door to get out, and he is pressing his door onto the next door car probably dinging it.
The woman that is inside her car (remember, she asked him if he wants her to move her car for him?),
she looks at him and his door in horror and agony, but says nothing. It's too late for that anyway...

And the woman in the X5 was just standing there at the back of her car waiting for him to finish his parking.
And now she gets into her car. Notice how much space the old man left on her side????
He could easily park 1' toward her. Not dinging the car in #1, and still leave enough room between him and #3.
... but nope.

So she left, and somebody else got in. The next 2 pictures is to show you guys and girls how he parked.
How much space he left on his right side, and how much he went into his left side (into spot #1)...

So this is his right side...

And this is his left side...

OK, so I thought I was done with taking pictures for this thread, and I went in to Trader Joe, got my few things,
had some of their free coffee, and went out... and this is what I see, IN THE SAME SPOTS, #1, and #2.

This jerk (you see his legs and a little of his white shirt at the top of the picture) parked his suv WAY into spot #1.
He saw me taking the picture, and immediately run back to hide behind his car!!!!

The guy next to him, just got so pissed off, he just blocked his door with his fender! PRICELESS!!!!

This is the other guy's car, in spot #1. He could not even get into the spot. Or maybe he could,
but decided to park like this so that his bumper was into the door of the jerk in spot #2.

And he is about 5-6 feet from the front wall, where I am standing. And no, he is not inside his car.
He just left it there like that and went shopping.

The jerk, had no choice, opened his passenger door, and you can see him climbing over his gear shift into his driver seat...

If you think this is all that happened when I took these pictures, you'd be wrong.
Just on the next line over (over the top of the pictures where you see the other cars),
a woman goes into her E46 M3, looking back through her driver side window,
and starts reversing out.... INTO the car that is standing there waiting for the other car to free the spot.
She did not use the rear view mirror. Just picked her head out the side window and looked back.
I yelled at her and waved her to stop, she finally noticed me and stopped. Not understanding that I am pointing
to the car behind her that she almost T-boned, started to drive again. I yelled at her again to stop,
and she finally looked at her mirror and saw the car. Now she was beeping her horn for the other car to move.
The other woman was completely oblivious to the M3. 2 minutes later, somebody free a spot, and she got in,
freeing the M3.

I should have made a video of all this, not pictures...

"The greatest thing about the internet, is that you can quote something and totally make up the source." - George Washington.

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