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I know this probably is a noob question, asked by many noobs and I am asking as well because I am confused. What grade oil should I need to use.

I just moved to Seattle from Miami. Since I bought the car back in 2004, I have been using Mobil1 Synthetic 10W-30 until my last oil change where I used 5W-30. But after reading this thread, I found the 10W-30 and 5W-30 are recommended to use where temp is 40F and below, which is complete opposite to what the weather in Miami is like. I am confused.

What grade is recommended to use in Seattle weather or what other members in Seattle area are using ? If I take back the car to Miami (I plan to do in about a year), what grade should I stick to where the weather is more like 60-100F.

I got 1996 328is coupe with 148k mileage.

Any info is really appreciated.
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