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You may have screwed your cylinder head. What was it made of, aluminium alloy or cast iron? Should be the former. You may have screwed your cylinder head by driving at 3/4 for so long.

White smoke ! this water vapour? Do the checks for water vapour i mentioned asap and post your results. Doesn't look good but if you don't have water in your oil, it might not be that bad. Then again, you are yes it really doesn't look good at all.

Take a look at this :

Do you have a compression testing gauge? If so, please, look up the correct compression readings for your car by consulting the bentley manual for e34s, downloadable from these forums if you search for it. Do the compression test on all of your cylinders. They should be very close to the correct compression readings for your car, and there should be not more than a 5% deviation between cylinders. If you have a cracked head, this is one sure way to find it. Goto youtube for numerous videos on how to conduct this test (if you don't already know). Another useful indirect way would be to use a vacuum pressure gauge and observe its readings.
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