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Originally Posted by slangups View Post
Hello All,
This is a great forum, thanks so much.
Now...I know the FSU issue has been batted around quite a bit, but here is my issue.
My ac blows cold-..okay cold-ish, except on the driver defrost and floor vents. No matter what the setting is-the air there is hot. Quite hot. Not good in Texas. The other thing is-when I turn the car off I hear a kind of buzz that seems to emanate from behind and to the left of the glove box. Is there where the FSU is on my car? And could that be causing my ac problems? The battery also drains after a couple of days without driving.

Lots more bothersome things going on with this car, but those are the major ones.
The car has 230k miles and has been an absolutely fabulous car for me, but not having proper ac is a drag. I can repair this myself as long as I know where to look for the part. It's not under the passenger beneath the glovebox--at least not that I can see (I removed the cover-which in this case, has two screws-you don't just yank it off).

Help is greatly appreciated.
This diy is for E46 cars only. I'm not sure if E36 FSU is similar or not but if you post in the E36 section of the forum I'm sure you'll get better help there. Here is the link:

Welcome to bimmerfest!
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