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Just in case someone wants to try to manually check your sensor(s). Here what I did on my 2005 645Ci:

Pull screwdriver and manual crank allen wrench from Tool kit in the trunk above the battery.
Use screwdrive to pop small top panel between rear head rests.
Insert Allen crank tool, rotate clockwise to bring the rear window down (this was pretty hard to turn).
Put down remaining windows.
Insert Allen crank tool in convertible top small hole above the rear view mirror. Crank as shown in icon near this slot to release the front window locks.
Be sure to completely release/turn the crank until it becomes hard/stops (As after the top is released, there are still mechanisms that are in the side supports that need to be fully retracted.
All this is in your owner's manual so refer to it. This is just to help out as I ran into a couple of issues.
Get help to lift rear top up 90 degrees. (You do not have to pop the trunk latches/release for the boot cover if you are just working on the one sensor shown in this link).
You do have to pull the 2 trunk releases/latches if you want to completely put/stow the top down for driving.
See picture in the above service bulletin for what the sensor/mount looks like.
Use torX screwdriver to remove the 3 bolts that secure the mount to the mechanism.
Be careful to remove the sensor connectors.
Once removed, unscrew the 2 bolts that hold the sensor to the mount.
Use a file or drill to elongate the 2 slots as shown on the above link service bulletin.
Replace mount/sensor and mate connector..
Then manually close the top per same process in reverse as shown in owners manual.
If you have problems closing the top to windshield, be sure you have fully operated the crank in the open direction before closing.
It helps to have 2 people so 1 can hold the top closed while the other cranks the latchs closed.

Good luck if anyone tries this. Let me know if your sensor mount mod works for you.
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