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I have to add my .02 cents here--

I just "invented" the hot/cold control arm fix -- or so I thought. You guys are years ahead of me! I should've checked here first, it would've saved me an hour figuring out how to get to all that stuff.

When I finally DID get access to it all, the assembly sort of fell apart in my hands and I had to reach down in there to find the loose pieces. I just about had a panic attack. I could hear the cash register ringing at Roadshow BMW in Memphis. After about 10 minutes of studying and playing with the loose parts I got a "vision" of how it was supposed to work and how I could fix it back. I'm sure they wouldn't have touched this job for less than $1000. They are notorious.

My variation was a little bit different, I drilled a tiny hole where the broken off pin used to be. Then I pushed through a finishing nail that had a fairly rounded and smooth head. Then I used some cutters to nip off the sharp end of the nail so that it could be pushed back through and "flush" on the backside (not that it mattered much).

My end result looks very similar to 98FLSTC's picture in post #72 above. I'm sure mine doesn't glide as smoothly in that groove, and I'll probably have to buy a complete replacement panel at some point in the future. But for right now in October I expect that it will get me through at least one winter.

This is a FANTASTIC site. I spent a lot of time on Honda forums in the past. Those guys were good, but you have a much better place here.
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