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Serious drivers stick together!

Come on, can't be serious about giving up BMW's Brent! Not much else worth driving...Hear ya though and that's why I'll keep my 2 beemers. The company is following the $$ which is more about Latte's, cell phones and impressing the neighbors. Need that right hand for something other than a stick. If BMW stops making them all together, there is something really wrong and I can't see it happen with all models.
My X3 is a 2007 which seems smaller than the early models. Why would they go bigger? Buy an X5 if you want bigger! An X1, 3 door 6-speed was my choice till some idiot decided this country wasn't interested in hatch-backs. I see them everywhere! Good luck on the lease. Let me know what happens.

"Fast as fast can be, you'll never catch me!"
A stick is the only way to go!
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