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Mein Auto: rescued bmw's
first car is boring, but better than a 318. here's the rest...

primer?? orly?? wunner wut he's got unnerneath it...look it iver reeeeeeel good.

hmmm, dinan is a plus, but no $ listing = waaay too much. plus the interior pics look awful. not the best way to sell the pizazz...
not bad, but why do they feel the need to reiterate the 5-speed 'stick'???

ooooooooh!! das ubber rare, a 352, ja??

not bad, but always a little worried about buying a car and not being able to get the title...

mmmm...not bad. i agree with the 'rescue' statement...
meh...not inspired...
deleted, sold, whatever, out of contention. shame, too. probably was a deal.

hmmm, 'premium sound system', eh?? combined with chromies i read 'pimpmobile wannabe, maintenance by crisis only', but might be worth checking out.


meh, maybe. not very inspired, though.

decent, but verts don't inspire me too much, either...

so that's my take on your list. i figure with another $1.60 you could take this list into the wawa and buy a 24oz coffee.