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Originally Posted by diego88m View Post
The correct search would be "e39 528i oil pan gasket diy"
I found this from cn90 in seconds with my google search (there were more but let's start with this); does it help you?

See also the attached BMW TIS for my model year car (yours is there too but I only downloaded mine).

This is from M52 Motor for E46 so you can get the idea:

STRAIGHT Fromt Mitchell Repair Book:

OIL PAN Removal
1. Drain engine oil. Disconnect wiring from oxygen sensor. Detach wiring from holder at transmission crossmember.

2. Remove bolts and exhaust pipes from exhaust manifold. On vehicles with automatic transmission, remove crossmember for center of gravity suspension.

3. Remove bolts, and detach exhaust pipe from transmission holder. Detach rubber rings from exhaust pipes. Remove rear bolts and lower exhaust assembly down.

4. On all models, release hinge at hood, and prop hood open past center position. Remove air cleaner/air mass sensor assembly.

5. Remove generator air intake duct.Remove rivets, and pull out radiator cooling fan cowl. Using Pulley Holder (11-5-030) and 32-mm Wrench (11-5-040), turn cooling fan nut clockwise to remove cooling fan. Remove clips at top of radiator.

6. On 3-series, remove grille from fresh air intake duct. Remove electrical lead along fresh air intake duct. Remove right holder and fresh air intake duct.

7. On all models, remove guide tube for engine oil dipstick. Note serpentine belt routing. Insert socket into drive belt tensioner bolt. Compress tensioner by slowly rotating socket clockwise, and remove drive belt.

8. Remove power steering pump bolts. Remove power steering pump. DO NOT disconnect power steering lines. Remove bolts and power steering pump oil supply tank. Hang power steering pump and oil tank aside.

9. On 3-series, insert socket into A/C compressor drive belt tensioner bolt. Compress tensioner by slowly rotating socket clockwise, and remove A/C compressor drive belt. Remove A/C compressor. DO NOT disconnect refrigerant lines.

10. Remove ground strap and right engine mount nut. Remove left engine mount nut. Loosen lower nuts on right/left engine mount. Attach Engine Holding Hoop (00-0-200) and Sling (00-0-204) to engine carrier. Raise engine as far as possible. Ensure wiring harness, ducts and hoses are not stretched or pinched.

11. On all models, remove oil pan bolts. Lower oil pan. Turn sprocket nut clockwise, and pull oil pump sprocket off splines. Remove bolts and oil strainer. Remove bolts and oil pump. Remove oil pan by pulling it rearward.

1. To install, reverse removal procedure. Use Elastic Sealing Compound (3 Bond 1027B) to fill joints between oil pan and front timing case and rear cover.

2. Tighten oil pump sprocket nut counterclockwise. Nut uses left-hand threads. Ensure serpentine belt is correctly routed and properly seated in grooves. Turn 32-mm Wrench (11-5-040) counterclockwise, and tighten cooling fan nut. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS .

2008 Mitchell Repair Information Co., LLC. Page 1 of 1 ENGINE - 6-CYL. (M52, S62) -2000 BMW 528i 2/17/2009

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