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Originally Posted by anstead610 View Post
i was seconding him being more blunt in person. do you know how to read? moron.
So why are you reppin a car you don't have in your sig anymore? That's like not getting over a chick.

L. I. G. bro, and as HOVA says, on to the next one.

Now post a pic of some mixed color panels and sanding spots.

Jeeps are ugly, but they get the damn job done. If I believed in paranormal I would say blingy SUV's are the damn devil. Even in OK I rock a 01 Durrango that a tree fell on 2 winters ago. It has dents so the Bimmers don't have too. And to be honest, nobody gives a **** WHAT it looks like when the jet skis are behind it in the summer.

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