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If the CPS is aftermarket that could be the problem.
It's not a problem to disconnect the electrical connectors. The battery doesn't need to be disconnected.

P1619 is a thermostat electrical code. Make sure the electrical cable connector is connected. You can try cleaning the connectors with electrical contact cleaner. There is a common problem with the thermostat where the heater circuit fails. You need to replace the thermoset for this. This failure can cause the heater circuit resistance to drop to 3 ohm and cause a 4A current to run through the cable wires. This can melt the wire insulation and cause the wires to short. Check the thermostat electrical cable wires just below the connector. Check ~3" of wire.

The P0014 code is often caused by a sticking vanos solenoid piston. Perform the check and cleaning I prescribed.
It's difficult to find a 32mm socket that fits the vanos solenoid. Here's a post with some info on a socket that works.
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