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Good Post Mr. Zip,

it be interesting what Z4 Drivers have to say.

I agree with all your points, except Point 3 perhaps should have included the disliked RFT (my personal opinion here is a big gamble by BMW a lot of people don't like them). Then there is the HPFP issue that has now finally made the national news. I know some people might jump ship and sell the Z4, I will stick it out. The RFT issue I will deal with not a problem. The HPFP should it ever become a problem in my case BMW better step up to the bar and deal with it. I am sure this recall of 130,000 plus units will cost BMW a pretty penny. The point here is that this will properly as I said have some BMW drivers jump ship and potential BMW buyers look elsewhere.

So yes, perhaps you are right with your prediction that BMW may drop the Z4 ... should have been a Z5 anyway In the end it might be great for us e89 drivers our car may sell privately say in 10 years over $100,000- just like the Z8

Then again ... BMW will resolve that HPFP issue soon and it be business as usual one never knows does one.

In my case I will drive mine and drive her hard

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Somehow I just had to get back into the /// M3 and so I did.
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