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Originally Posted by wag-zhp View Post
The Z4 (or all BMW Z cars) will always be niche vehicles. The reason I'm not running out and buying one of the current model, even though I would love a hardtop convertible, has everything to do with the price and weight of the car. I don't want a 3500 + lb 2 seater, and am not willing to pay $60,000 for one either. It really is a shame that the new Z4 is so heavy and expensive, because it is a very good looking car with very impressive performance numbers.

I'm still hoping BMW will remember that there are still enthusiast drivers out here that would really like to see a 300+hp, sub 3000 lb, performance oriented vehicle, with electronic nanny devices that can be tuned down or disabled, with minimal luxury amenities, that can be taken to a track or auto-cross and be fun to drive.
It's a shame for you, since the Z4 is definitly not aimed at what you are looking for, but it's not a shame for any of us that already own a new Z4, since the car fits our needs and falls within our budget.
You just described a 2-3 year old Porsche Boxster S. That sounds like the car for you. However, I'd consider it a shame to drive around in a model year 2008, whose body style has been around for 12 years....but that's me.
Expensive is a relative term. Those that have already purchased a Z4 did not find it too expensive. I often forget I am driving a 3500 lb car, it's so nimble. It feels more like a 3200 lb car.

The point being that not every car is for everyone.

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