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Originally Posted by zhan View Post
A: 10% unemployed and 90% employed is correct. but is the 90% placed in proper jobs? or are they busting their ass flipping burgers at burger king? a lot of people went from 100k jobs to like 35k jobs. standard of living decrease!
No debate there but you need to include those that have stopped looking for work. Real unemployment is closer to 17-18%.

A: design is not bad, worksman ship sucks. I dont like my z4 because the quality of american made is clearly inferior to german and austrian made bmws such as the m3.
You do know the Z4 (E89) is built in Germany.....right? Not that your comment is valid anyway as several of the US makers have been ranked above BMW and Mercedes for reliability and workmanship over the past several years.

A: price sucks too. you can get an m3 for the same price of a new z43.5is. well if you have to choose, then m3 coupe is an easy choice for the majority of the people looking for performance.
the old z4 price point was perfect, that was why they sold so many of them. you can pick up the base model for the price of a Honda S2000!
also the old z4 lease rate was ridiculously low, you could get a regular z4 3.0 for $350 a month with very low down payments!
You can get a bare bones M3 Coupe for a similar price to a fully loaded Z4 35i but compare apples to apples. A base M3 Vert is $70,000 vs $63,000 for the IS and goes way to over $80k when optioned out vs $72,000 for the full monty IS.

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